This summer, #FR2 x XLARGE dropped a new capsule collection to commemorate the 30th anniversary of FR2 capsule collection. 

#FR2 (Fxxking Rabbits), a provocative Japanese label, is the brainchild of Ryo Ishikawa, an iconic figure in Tokyo’s streetwear scene. The brand itself is an extension of the #FR2 rabbit, a range of apparel branded with bold graphics.

XLARGE, an American streetwear brand, is the pioneer of LA Streetwear since 1991, founded by Eli Bonerz and Adam Silverman. The store catered to the diverse community and was quickly adopted by personalities such as Mike D of the Beastie Boys, Spike Jonez, and Chloë Sevigny.

The X-Large clothing brand was a true reflection of its surroundings and Los Angeles lifestyle, drawing inspiration from work wear, vintage, and club scene aesthetics, to mid-century design, skateboarding and music influences.

Iconic for its Gorilla logo, X-Large is established as one of the originals and continues to influence generations of streetwear culture worldwide.


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