Poshbrain was founded in 2015 in Bandung, Indonesia and has been a go-to for it's kind since the Indonesian Forward-Thinking Label started. They offer you stylish head-to-toe menswear and accessories.

Each item being designed with premium material. They offer a bunch of ritzy designed goods and swanky selections of colorway since the brand represents the eccentric and edgy spirit of modern streetwear. Their whole concept is inspired by a perpetual journey of love and emotional roller coaster ride.

Poshbrain was evoked by contextual processing In attentional orienting & concentration of luscious ideas in unrevealing situations that leads to an inescapable frustration. As a wise man once said, “from a tiny spark may burst a mighty flame”. With a fiery desire and flowery pleasure, came out from the underground scope filled with passion and compassion, Poshbrain loads entirety that could reach for a vertical insight through matter, as days go by. All these things originate whole Poshbrain eclectic identity.

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