Fxxking Rabbits (also known as #FR2) is a provocative Japanese label, is headed by Ryo Ishikawa, an iconic figure in Tokyo’s streetwear scene. #FR2 blends together the worlds of fashion, design and photography with its range of bold and unorthodox graphic t-shirts, hoodies, belts, and bags.

These ultra-recognizable graphics lay the basis for the brand, but its raunchy editorials and images are just as important - think semi-nude women wearing just a #FR2 T-shirt, making for erotic images. Imagery is the main way of the communication in the world. Ishikawa has always liked shooting pictures from the start so that’s why he wanted to start #FR2 as a photographer's brand. Because Ishikawa wanted Fxxking Rabbits to be an international brand, an affinity for eroticism was the one common thread that he chose to focus on.

“Eroticism or dirty things or.. you know, these kind of things are worldwide. So using these kind of ‘erotic’ designs are really natural to me.”

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