Carnival X Naruto Shippuden Drop 2

Naruto X Carnival Drop Two. The long wait is finally over, Carnival has come through with another exclusive capsule collection with Naruto Shippuden.

This time, they shift their focus to supporting characters in the Naruto universe. Highlights of the collection include the 6 paths of Pain tee and the Sannin tee.

Comprising solely of eight tees, the focus of this collection is the wearability and the specific details of design which are listed below. Get the first glimpse of what designs will be released this time round before heading down to the launch.

With limited quantities available, be sure to either head down to our store located at Plaza Singapura for the launch day or burn the midnight oil for our online release.

Releasing in store at The Lucky Shop, Plaza Singapura: 06/02/21 , 11:00SGT
Releasing online: 07/02/21 , 00:00SGT

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